Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tips: 10 way to do your FYP (final year project)

this is only for chemistry's coarse .. enjoy your reading .. :) 

1. Read journal articles
2. Read journal articles
3. Do 1 and 2 with full of interest and dedication (an article a day is the best way to rouse your interest and creativity)
4. Embrace new challenges and the unknowns by doing 1 – 3
5. Respect your supervisor, co-workers, lab technicians and lab assistants
6. Visit your supervisor weekly; at least for the first month
7. Go to the lab every day; even for 5 minutes
8. Talk research to the people around you
9. Never be afraid to work hard
10. Never gives up; even when things are looking bleak, they may not be as bad as you think

credit to: my lecturer DR.HONG NGEE LIM ( lecturer dari UPM) 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

blog is under maintenance .. ;'(

tengokkk ni.. banyak gambar yang terdelete.. then semua post jadi macam ni.. alahai.. nak kena upload gambar untuk setiap entri semula... ya allah.. penatnyaaa.. ;( dah la tengah study week.. rasa cam stress gila tadi bila bukak je blog nih.. semua gmbar hilang .. dah la ada 70++ kot post dalam blog nih.. tu tak kira blog satu lagi.. hermm,, 

so aku perlukan masa untuk perbaiki masalah ni.. bg habiskan exam dulu la ye.. maaf atas segala kesulitan yg berlaku.. hehehehe